Work Experience and Internships
Aug’14 Doctoral Researcher University of Washington and Veterans Aairs Hospital
Deep learning and vision for prosthetic control
Mar’12 Research Engineer Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)
Center for Bionic Medicine (CBM) directed by Dr Todd Kuiken
Project Lead- Electronics design and support for UL prosthesis control
Sept’13 Research Engineer Argall Lab - RIC
Adaptive control of assistive robotic JACO arm and wheelchair navigation
July’10 Research Intern Almende B.V The Netherlands
Investigate bio-inpsired algorithms for self-assembly of modular robots
Aug’08 Research Engineer Robonik India, Mumbai
Designed and programmed controllers for biomedical diagnostic devices
Research and Projects
Continuous Control of Prosthetic Limbs: Data-driven approach PhD UW
Designed a unified continuous controller for diverse and non-cyclic activities.
Applied neural networks for real-time prosthetic control of Open Source Leg (OSL)
using body kinematics. [Pytorch, FastAI]
Vision for Prosthetic Mode Detection PhD UW
Applied egocentric camera for anticipatory terrain mode classification. Novelty of
this research was to use unsupervised learning to label training data and leverage
transfer learning to improve generalization. [Pytorch, FastAI]
Visual Localization for Control of Assistive Devices PhD UW
Applied SLAM for estimating movement in an environment for prosthetic control.
Myo-electric Control of Bionic Limbs CBM RIC
Conceptualized and designed controllers, EMG acquisition systems. [Altium]
Provided hardware support to prosthetists and researchers for OttoBock Hand, BiOM
Ankle,Vanderbilt Leg.
Adaptive Control of MICO 6DOF JACO Arm Argall Lab - RIC
Implemented algorithms for semi-autonomous control of JACO arm mounted on a
smart wheelchair. [C++, ROS]
Path planning for wheelchair navigation through doors for people with quadriplegia.
REPLICATORS - Self-Assembly in Modular Robots Almende B.V, MS Thesis
Simulated bio-inspired algorithms for assembly and metamorphosis of modular
robots into complex functional organisms.[Delta3D,C++,Matlab]
European Commission FP7 transnational collaborative project.
Selected Publications
Coordinated Movement for Prosthesis Control: Temporal Factors and Attention
IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics & Biomechatronics (BioRob 2020)
Framework for Mode-Free Prosthetic Control for Unstructured Terrains
IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR 2019)
Mode-free Control of Prosthetic Lower Limbs
IEEE International Symposium on Medical Robotics (ISMR 2018)
Visual Localization System for Environment Awareness in Assistive Devices
IEEE International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC 2018)
Self-Assembly of Modular Robots from finite number of modules using Graph Grammars
International Conference On Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2011)
Interests & Graduate Courses
Robotics & Control:Robot Manipulation, Embedded Systems,Mechatronics, Multi-
Robot Systems Optimal Control, Neural And Physiological Control, Design Of Im-
plantable Medical Devices,Movement Control, Musculo-skeletal Biomechanics
Other:Consciousness, Free-Will, Theory of Mind, Qualia, Time
Vijeth Rai
Rehabilitation Engineer
T +1 817-366-5495
To enable mobility in developing
nations through accessible assistive
PhD Candidate Electrical Eng.
University of Washington (UW)
2020 Expected | GPA 3.75/4.0
MS Electrical Eng-Controls & Robotics
University of Colorado Boulder
2012 | GPA 3.71/4.0
BE Electronics and Communications
B.M.S College, Bangalore (VTU) 2008
Deeplearning: PyTorch, TensorFlow
Programming: C, Matlab, Python,
C++, Android, Robot Operating
System (ROS), OpenCV,
PCB Design/Simulation: Altium
Designer, NI MultiSIM Ultiboard,
ORCAD, DipTrace, Eagle, Verilog,
VHDL, VxWorks, Simulink, LABView,
basic 3D printing
Hardware: Motor control, FPGA, NI
sbRIO, Microcontrollers, ARM based
Awards and Roles
Engineers Without Borders
- UW Chapter Ambassador Guatemala
Project (2014-15)
Center for Neuro-technology
- Undergrad Research Mentor (2018)
- Travel award recipient
Graduate Professional Student
Senate Conference Travel Awardee